Recently, I was needed to remove a small bimetall thermostate from a slow-cooker. It was screwed by two small nuts (apparently their size was M3).

Usually I unscrew nuts like those with small pliers but there was no room to put them into. Small adjustuble wrench was too thick and it is not very handy as it always loses its setting.

I often encountered this the issue so that time I wanted to finally solve it using more adequate approach. Well, I needed a small wrench kit. After some long search, I found this wrench kit (7 pieces) on ebay:


Mini cranked wrench kit

As you can see, one end is straight and other is cranked to 80°.

Length: 75-80mm.

Sizes: 3/3,2/3,5/4/4,5/5/5,5 mm.

It has pretty exotic sizes, the kit is positioned for model engineering.
Quality is very good, it was sent from UK and shipping was not that long (2-3 weeks).